When it comes to using social media marketing for your business there are multiple things that you need to think about and we are here for the best strategies for social media marketing, management and optimisation.

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Believe it or not social media did not start with Facebook, the idea of social media began in the early 1970’s as a result of aspects like e-mail, the first e-mail being sent in 1971. With the first solely social interaction site developing in 1997, Six Degrees.

The importance of understanding the history of social media marketing is not only the development of the platforms but how they also offer something unique for the customers and offer a personal, yet sometimes interruptive form of advertising for businesses. Knowing how to use social media marketing for your business properly and acknowledge upcoming platforms as well as out-of-date sites gives you advantage over others. At the moment Video is a hot trend but images do still have more engagement on social media, so be sure to use the right method for your business. There are so many different trends available and with the platforms continually updating it is more important than ever to make sure that you are creating content that your audience will see. Your audiences are now more accessible than ever with the help of these social media sites providing advertising and specific targeting opportunities.

The majority of the sites that are still relevant are using Paid Advertising on their platforms, this is increasingly important as businesses want to be where consumers are, and if your platform is good enough it will have the people. Using Paid Advertising on social media allows you to target specific demographics, choosing the right social media marketing strategy will determine the success of your campaign