Email will be 50 years old in 2021 and email marketing will be 43 years old with the first email ‘blast’ sent to 400 recipients in 1978, which resulted in $13 Million in sales. (That would be $48 million in todays money!) – If only we had conversion on email like that today.

Email continues to be the most successful and least expensive channel for conversion in the digital world. Focus today is not about making the channel successful but rather making it as successful as it can be, from retention to up-selling to managing newly acquired customers. It is the channel that supports the use and need for most other digital assets. Yet somehow, email is often the least funded channel against Revenue Generated. True to say that a lot of the wins that come from email is attributed to other sources such as ad-display, social and Affiliation Partnerships but it seems senseless to invest so much and then at the point where the revenue can be generated, pull back budget for a mediocre result.
Your-Hub works with clients in developing the best strategy for getting the most out of your email campaigns. We understand the potential email has in driving revenue and the importance it has in supporting other channels. We can cater for full management of your email channel, strategic development, transformation or additional support for your team in executing the strategy and everything in between. With over 2’500 experts across all specialisations, not only do we exceed expectations; we do it without braking the bank.
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