In 1993, The Global Network Navigator (if anyone remembers that!) launched the first commercial website and birthed the concept of digital display advertising. It was not until a whole year later that took credit for the creation of Banner Advertising, a concept AT&T bought into with an investment of $30’000 3 months of ad space which paid off with a 44% click through rate (You have to love the 90’s!)

Despite the dot-com burst display advertising continued to grow and dominated the web as the most successful digital channel for customer acquisition. This took a revolutionary turn when Google came along and purchased Applied Semantics where display ads could now be targeted which lay down the ground work for programmatic display advertising opening up new technology such as real-time bidding.
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Today, display advertising is at a low point. People have simply stopped clicking on them and in general, are greatly despised by consumers. The reality is that this is an area that is still has great potential but is often poorly executed. Many budgets from Ad Display were reinvested into SEO and PPC as this was an easier and less expensive channel to develop yet those who have mastered the Ad Display channel are seeing far more success than their competitors who reverted to SEO and PPC Channels. With Your-Hub we can define what is required for successful Ad Display strategy and development. Additionally, with our partner network, we can deliver the best technology along with the leading experts to implement, transform and execute winning campaigns.