Diversity about us

The Big Bang!

In the beginning Your-Hub was a two man consultancy focused on increasing revenue for clients through sales and marketing channels. The journey from client to client, vendor to vendor and professional to professional grew an organic network of experts across the digital landscape. Some even joined the Your-Hub team.

The marketing world continued to evolve and as a consultancy we were relying more and more on the connections we had made to help others reach their vision and goals. The connections we made were not only out performing established agencies but provided significant flexibility in the cost to the end clients and Your-Hub was born.



Successful evolution is attributed by the the matter that brings it together. The more diverse the matter, the better the evolutionary results. When applied to business, a networks diversity reaches beyond that of a digital agency - it has more people from with a wider range of life experiences within many more cultures.

The team at Your-Hub works as an agency to build the team, services and tools for your digital evolution. Both within the team and network the best for you, your culture and your vision built and implemented right here.

Meet the Team

Every face has a story to tell but a network creates the stories you want to be telling others

Damien Fellowes

Damien Fellowes

Head of Strategy

I was one of the first to join with Your-Hub when  it evolved from a consultancy. I lead our team into developing the best people and services for a specific vision for our end clients.


We provide free evaluation to establish your needs - A one hour consultation (or more if needed) listening to what you need and for us to propose what we can do. Whether for your company or for a third party, we are here and we are ready - Simply fill out a quick requirement form and we will be right with you.